Off the Grid: Sinharaja

On September 30th, 4 young boys and 4 young girls along with 2 brave adults set out on an adventure. I was one of the girls on this trip. This would be an adventure into the wild, thick Sri Lankan rainforest. The rainforest commonly known as Sinharaja. This rainforest, which is located in south central Sri Lanka. The group of 8 children and 2 adults were ready to encounter the deadly forest. We planned to walk and walk and walk until they found any cool species. We planned to hike and hike and hike until they reached the rock at the top, known as the Moulawella rock. We would be there for 2 days and one night. Little did we know what was coming our way.

At 10 in the morning, we gather at the parking lot of their school, The Overseas School of Colombo. Everyone is ready with their rainforest gear and everything is set. At around 10:23 sharp, we get on a purple bus, ready for the long bus journey, and leave school premises. Being young, knew how to keep ourselves busy for 2 hours, it was an easy task. Thanks to one of the young boys, Nathan, who thankfully had a speaker with him, we spent 2 hours lip-syncing to songs from every genre and just eating any Kome rice crackers we could find in the bus . Half way through the 2-hour journey we stop to re-fill the energy lost by the singing and jumping around, with some Sri Lankan food. Being young teenagers about to embark a very adventurous adventure, it was important to fill their stomachs with some spicy Sri Lankan food. Everyone chose from either fried rice, dosai, or fish curry with roti.

Here is a picture of the Leader, Malaika Salman, taking care of the lunch bill

Once we reach the Sinharaja ticket gate, everyone gets ready to fight the leeches. With leach socks, sidhalepa, or just about anything that would help keep the leeches from sucking fresh Colombo blood. And soon the group is off on their first walk. This is a walk up to the place where they will be staying, ‘Martins’. When the kids get up there, the first thing we do is get some tea. These children are very hungry children. Once all that is done, we unpack and get ready for another walk, a walk just around the corner.

During this walk, we saw a lot of huge snails, and some frogs. We also found some really cool species of plants. During this walk, it started to heavily rain, so then we stopped and spend some time fooling around with the GoPro.


Dancing in the rain
Some of us ‘dancing’ around in the rain, splashing each other with muddy water

Then it was time to take a small swim in the river. We spent around 30 min here cooling down in the river and playing around. I would say this was the one of the highlights of this trip. All of us were tired, yet jumping around was still soothing.

Sinharaja Strave Image 3
This is a map of the trail for the whole trip, the bottom graphs the altitude and the speed. The link below will show the interactive version


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